About Us

A small jewelry brand dedicated to Jesus.

Wearing jewelry is a powerful statement and an art of self-expression. We wanted to stand out from the crowd by giving our customers the freedom and opportunity to personalize their jewelry and make it as unique as its wearer. Each necklace is handmade just for you and personalized with your favorite Bible verse.

Nothing is as important as faith.
And nothing is more important than reminding you of your faith and love for Jesus, our Lord and Savior. And that's what we live for.

We want to put quality before quantity again. We want to show all of you out there that you are loved no matter what mistakes you have made in your past.

Jesus loves you!
Never forget that you are wonderfully made by our Creator and Almighty God!
May your favorite Bible Verse remind you of just that.

Our goal is to empower you through this simple piece of jewelry, giving you strength and comfort when you need it most. And if your necklace can serve as a daily encouragement and bring a smile to your face and make you happy, then so are we.

Thank you to everyone who supports our little brand and our mission, may God bless you.

- simpleverse team