Vision And Brand Values

Quality over quantity.

Many famous people we idolize are very poor role models, living a wasteful and selfish lifestyle without God, where only quantity matters. More money, more cars, more parties, more pleasures. They believe that more equals better.

But deep down they feel (and know) that something is missing. And more "things" will not fill that hole. It's a lack of purpose, something that gives our lives meaning, something that has substance, far beyond easy-earned dopamine and a life full of excess.

It's about finding your place in this world that God has created.


Social media, which is a very good example, amplifies your urge to get validation from others, from random people you don't even know. Many people build up this false image of themselves, pretending to be someone they are not. They put on this mask, hide their fears and insecurities, and live only on social media, while slowly but surely moving away from Jesus. Because it's so comfortable to live in this second reality instead of facing your fears and problems in real life. You end up comparing yourself to others, which is not healthy at all and not what Jesus commanded us to do. 

Social media is just one example and shows the need to sometimes just take a step back to see the bigger picture and realize that you are moving away from Jesus.

Our Goal

We want to put quality before quantity again.

We want to show all of you out there that no matter what mistakes you have made in your past, you are loved.

This is the reason why we created "simpleverse".

If your necklace, which you personalize as you wish, can serve as a daily encouragement and bring a smile to your face and make you happy, then so are we.

Future Projects

We invest 100% of our profit back into our brand. We want to improve and offer you better quality. We also plan to release some strictly limited collections where we will work with local blacksmiths in the US and Germany in the future. One of the things we have in mind is very high quality gold cross necklaces....

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